Promo a NoNo

Some products come into our lives and, although we may be skeptical at first, in time we say, “How could we have ever lived without you!”


The world was dark, and then you came along...

When new, interesting and buzz-worthy products come along, I often find myself wondering, “How soon will someone put a logo on this?” Other times, I find myself thinking, “I hope that no one ever puts a logo on this.”

I give you, TV Hat™.


3 Responses to “Promo a NoNo”

  1. Anna Stumpf Says:

    This is impressive, but I’m holding out for the flat screen HD Tv Hat!

  2. Leslie Says:

    It’s hands-free TV! But wait! If you order now…

  3. Jeff Says:

    Best part is the picture of the guy riding his bike. Safety first!

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