About the Blogger

Promo A GoGo is written by Robin Hartowicz, a promotional products specialist for Print Resources, Inc. Robin graduated from Ball State University in 2004 with a degree in Organizational Communication, and then went on to earn her M.A. in the same discipline at Southeastern Louisiana University.  She has worked in the apparel and promotional products field since 2006 and joined Print Resources in the fall of 2008. Today, Robin works with companies and organizations around the country to find unique, purposeful, and profitable items for promotional and fundraising campaigns.

About Print Resources

Print Resources is a full service printing and promotional products company based in Indianapolis, IN.  Started in 2000 by Tim Browning and Kurt Ellinger, Print Resources excels at deadline deliveries, tight turn-arounds, promotional product campaigns, graphic design and the integration of all for successful and timely projects.  For more information, visit http://www.printindy.com or call 317.833.7000.

About the Blog

At Print Resources, we pride ourselves on being the “go-to guys” (and gals, of course), and  I wanted this blog to be a resource for clients to gather ideas and share the good & bad about an industry of over 800,000 products.  So after 3 days of list-making, discussion, and stress I finally found a title that seemed to expressed what this blog would be: a place to go for informal promotional product info from a fun and creative company.  Well that… and it rhymes.


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