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Junk Drawer Search & Find

March 22, 2010

I was searching through my parent’s junk drawer this weekend, attempting to find a hair band (success!) when it occurred to me that my parents have a LOT of promotional products in this drawer. I thought it might be fun to start a little game I’ll call: Junk Drawer Search & Find.

I imagine that many people have a junk drawer full of promotional products.  Pens, pencils, chip clips – all sorts of stuff.  I know some people refer to our industry as “Trinkets & Trash”, and of course, we call it a “junk” drawer – but the fact of the matter is: we keep it! (My parents fully admitted that they have not actually purchased a pen in years.)

See how many promotional products you can find in my parents’ junk drawer. (Sorry about the quality of the photo.  I took it on my mom’s iPhone in the heat of the moment.) Then read the rest of the entry for the answers! (Link below image.)